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Improving Benefits, Improving Life

We have developed Avance Health, a group Healthcare Management Platform, that offers a Limited Benefit Health Insurance Policy with a Defined Wellness Benefit for Employees.

Avance Health also provides wellness solutions that includes Telemedicine, Health Coaching, Smoking Cessation, and Healthcare Advocacy.*

The program implements a Section 125 plan, which may reduce taxable income for employees and creates payroll tax savings for employers.

How it Works

The path to better wellness for your employees.

Avance Health is a participatory program that combines the benefits of an insured Limited Benefit Health Insurance Policy with additional wellness services available through wellness program partners.
An employee voluntarily elects to participate in the Limited Benefit Health Insurance Policy under Section 125 and pays a premium for the insurance product with pre-tax dollars, the cost which is offset through payroll tax savings.
The Employee has access to the Limited Benefit Health Insurance Policy with defined wellness benefit plus additional wellness solutions provided by our wellness program partners.
The Limited Benefit Health Insurance Policy provides a fixed Wellness Indemnity Benefit payment when an employee incurs one of the wellness services defined in the policy.
The policy allows up to one Wellness Indemnity Benefit payment per month and is not coordinated with other health plan payments.

Avance Background

While spending the better part of the last two years extensively researching this project, we recognized that within the market space there was a real need for a way to combat the rising costs of healthcare. When looking further, we noticed the best way to combat the rising cost of healthcare, was to incentivize the employer and the employee to take part in something that offers them additional benefits while simultaneously reducing the overall medical spend on an individual and employer basis.

In designing the Avance platform, we pulled together experts, in their respective fields, to strengthen the core concept, ensuring the success of the program and its overall facilitation. Hygieia oversees each of our partners to orchestrate the execution of their specific roles within the Avance Health product.

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