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The Avance Approach

Avance Health is a fully insured hospital indemnity plan with a health screening rider.


  • Initial Health Screening
  • Telemedicine 24/7 Access $0 copay
  • Self-assessment Biometric Screening Online tracking
  • Multi-channel Coaching / Online Telephonic
  • Wellness Coaching & Confidential Support Assistance
  • Digital Behavior Health Programs
  • Virtual Recovery System to Support Addition
  • Nutrition Education
  • Health Advocacy
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Registered RN Health Coaches SMART goals
  • Weight management, Disease management, Behavior change counseling
  • Full service Employee Assistance, well-being and work/life programs
  • HealtheWeight™ program to support a lifelong transformation

The Avance Health POPULATION Platform

The Institute had the opportunity to validate PredictiMed’s™ ability to identify and lower the predisease high risk level; which may reduce the incidence of ER visits and hospitalizations between 80 and 93%,

  • The Avance Health Platform, PredictiMED™, is a unique, fully integrated technology suite designed to assist in establishing a healthy lifestyle while increasing productivity and reducing healthcare. The platform is powered by US HealthCenter, who provides heath management across the globe.
  • US HealthCenter’s proprietary and validated HRA predicts and classifies 35 conditions and then stratifies the risk base on a combination of factors. By identifying 20% to 40% of the population as either previously diagnosed or at high risk for Predisease condition; we can utilize out Wholeistic™ approach which is a patient-centric approach that focuses on the Whole person and offers each participant an opportunity to set goals for his/her physical and mental well-being.
  • This includes disease management, self-care and lifestyle management such as treatment plan and medication education and adherence, weight, fitness, nutrition, stress, smoking cessation and the mindset to sustain wellness.
  • Predisease algorithms predict future disease costs, which significantly improves the ability to measure R.O.I. The ability to identify predisease high risk levels have been shown to reduce the incidence of ER visits and hospitalizations between 80-93%

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